The Details of Live Performance

What Do I Do?

I record both audio and video of live performances for local acts to give them studio quality material recorded live with my unique approach to recording performances developed over my 13 years of audio experience.

And Who the Heck am I?

My name is Clay Gemmill, I’m a guitarist turned audio engineer. I was fed up with amateur recordings of my musician friends and favorite artists back when I lived near Baltimore, MD, so I started doing the recordings myself.

Later, I went to The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, graduated at the top of my class and learned from the engineers who did artists like Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, U2, Korn, and more.

I’ve put on festivals with 50,000 people, done political events with Bernie Sanders in DC, and have worked with literally thousands of artists from across the globe.

If you want to grow your fan base and reach more people, you can’t succeed with unreliable methods and inconsistent, sub-par results.

Quality Makes a Strong First Impression 


Attention-grabbing content for social media

To fill up the rooms of your shows

Get promotional content to market yourself to record labels and tours

A great sounding live album


The depth of my knowledge and experience will help you create exactly what you need.  I will always get an accurate and detailed recording where every word is crystal clear.

Do you want to take your chances with someone who doesn’t use spares or backups when doing a live show? Or someone who doesn’t know the differences bettween CDs, DVDs, vinyl and digital formatting like FB, Spotify, or Instagram clips? I wouldn’t.


When you receive the finished product, audio only recordings will be finished within 24 hours, even for sets over an hour!

Videos take longer, especially with multiple angles. However, our turn-around times still beat other production houses and within 3 days expect rich and full songs in perfectly edited Instagram clips and your music video that entices audiences. 

How do we deliver results like this?

We use the industries most advanced software and production techniques.

So, you might think this costs a lot, however we found a way to keep how much you pay down.

There are always other acts on the bill and, if other acts that perform the same night as you get recorded, the price goes up a small amount and gets split between everyone involved.

$300 charged to only you becomes $200 (400/2) per recording with two acts and $167 (500/3) with three acts.

Join other satisfied clients. One band I used to work for would regularly sell out 300 person rooms in rural Pennsylvania where most towns had less than 1,000 people!

You can grow your following of adoring fans and spread your music too!

The Motto of my studio is “I want to take the music in your heart and help you share it with the world!” and I mean this.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with what you receive. I have redundant systems to make sure we get a good take, but if there’s an act of god and there’s no show, or some equipment goes up in smoke or something happens where what gets recorded is corrupt, you don’t pay.

You are only required to pay after your performance is finished.

And if you don’t like the edit you received, or the sound is not what you expected, tell me what you would like fixed and I’ll revise it. Totally free of charge!

Now, when these recordings are being made, the mix the sound engineer creates will be the one I record. If you don’t have your own, personal sound guy who is both familiar with your songs and is competent enough to do a good job there’s a good chance you won’t get the best mix.

That’s why I’m extending an offer, to acts without their own audio engineer, to hire me for only $100. That’s half off my usual rate for mixing an act. 50% discount and 13 years of audio experience.

Ordering is easy!

Simply click the “Contact me” button at the top of the page and fill out the form. Let me know what you want me to record:

  • Audio only
  • Audio and static, wide-angle video
  • Audio, static video and video from a cameraman

And tell me how you want it edited

  • 30s ads on social media for shows/merch/new releases etc.
  • 1 song music videos
  • Entire live performance or live bonus songs on an album
  • Promotional videos to get on record labels or tours

But get in contact with me soon! I book first come first serve! If you procrastinate booking, I might not be available for your show!

You pay with cash, check, or card using PayPal’s secure technology. Again, only after you are done your set!

Then your part is done.

After the editing is done, 1-3 days depending on what needs to be edited, you’ll have exactly what you asked for, labeled appropriately, sitting in your inbox.

If it’s not exactly what you asked for just send me an email telling me what is wrong with it and I’ll send you the revision with it fixed free of charge!

I want you to close your eyes and see an arena marquee with your name on it. The marquee that says “SOLD OUT” under your name. You step on stage and it’s filled with all your screaming fans.

All those people are there to listen to you. Because they found you and loved your music.

How will they find you if you barely let them know you’re here?

So now you’re at a crossroads. Do you want to go down the path with more people following your music, and you will have better content to give to your fans, sooner.

They’ll come to more shows, will buy more merch, and you’ll have bigger and better tours to go on!

On the other hand, if you walk away, there’s a chance you will still be stuck in the same rat race with music, slowly getting nowhere.

You are free to choose which path you take.


You are the only person who knows how much you’re going to miss out on if you let this opportunity slip by.

Get in contact with me today!

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