Event Recording

Bringing Your Performance to Everyone Around the Globe

I have partnered with Fluid Theory’s Michael Wood to bring you stunning HD video from multiple angles and life-like still photos of your show or event!

Ultra HD Video

With multiple angles, still shots and action shots, every breath-taking moment of your performance will be showcased.

Multi Track Recording

Record each input and get a full, multitrack mix of your show to go along with the fantastic imagery.

Audio From the Board

Record the output of the console to hear exactly what the fans in the building heard that night.

Clay and Michael blew our minds. Our video is everything we hoped it would be and more.

Lady J & The Useful Idiots

Clay wants what you want: to make quality music, and he has the experience and dedication to do so. 

Jake M.

Great Guy. Great Quality.


Michael W.

Let’s make something great together.

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