Audio Books

Start to Finish Audio Book Production

Turn Your Book Into Something Everyone Can Enjoy


Record at Sheffield’s legendary recording studio, or at a smaller, cost-effective private studio. We take the time to ensure every word is heard loud and clear.


Edit for pace, remove pauses, breaths, and other artifacts, and mix it so it sounds smooth and clear in any environment, from the car to your headphones.

photo of person driving a vehicle


We make several masters of your book because each streaming platform, CD burner, and downloading service convert your book into their own format. We correct for these changes so everyone around the world listening hears the absolute best quality, on Audible or on CD.

Talented and dedicated. Such a great experience.

Tanner E.

Excellent work, timely fashion, great value and wonderful to work with.

Callie T.

Recording went smooth, editing went quick, master sounds great!

Kasey W.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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