Full Post-Production Services


We meticulously time and phase-align your tracks, remove any distracting breaths, clicks or pops, background noise, apply auto-tune, and quantize so you are never off-beat.


Using a combination of vintage and modern gear, you get the sound you are looking for. From loud, raw, saturated and even grimy to surgically clean, precise and ultra-refined, you will get the sound in your head.

Re-amping guitar and Bass DI’s with a large range of amps, cabs, and mics available.


Everywhere you upload your music for it to be streamed or go to CD, it gets processed. We know exactly what each and every streaming service, download platform, and disk burner do to your music. Our mastering process corrects for these processes so no matter how your fans consume your music, you can be assured it will sound the best.

We use the latest top-tier software in the industry to not only make the final product better than the other studios, but we do it faster at a lower cost to you.

I’m VERY happy with my album he recorded at Steel Studios.

Jake M.

I’ve been recording my solo LP at steel studios, and have never left disappointed, the editing is always on point.

Conor S.

From electronic to rock and everything in-between. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to make beautiful, professional music.

Cody B.

Let’s make something great together.

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