Why Us?

Clay Gemmill

Steel Studios Productions is more than just another studio and Clay Gemmill, owner and operator, is more than just another face. Clay started this musical journey in Baltimore and recently moved to Arizona to enjoy the mountains and the sun while recording music for the best that Phoenix has to offer.

Clay’s known for taking the music that you have in your heart and helping you share it with the world. Between studio and live sound, he’s mixed every genre of music there is. Everyone is trying to be a mix engineer these days, so what makes him stand out? 

Clay learned from the engineers who made records of artists including, but not limited to Mariah Carey, U2, and Korn. He has experience putting on festivals such as The Preakness Infield Fest, Moonrise Festival, The Appoloosa Music Fest to name just a few. Artists, events and people he has worked with include Machine Gun Kelly, Marshmello, Insane Clown Posse, Bernie Sanders, West Virginia University and many, many more.

No matter if your vision is a hit single, full album, starting a podcast, creating your audio book, recording your jams or a live show, or making an ad for your business, if you work with me we’ll create what’s in your head.

Don’t wait, get in contact with me today!

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